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Why do men who smoke deserve respect and make friends

"Men who don't smoke or drink are generally unreliable and cannot be entrusted for life," Du said. Those who disagree can be dismissed with a smile, but when you think about it carefully, there is some truth. Chinese are born hedonists who like to indulge their hobbies and shortcomings. Therefore, there is an old saying in China: "people are not addicted, you can't hand them in." That is to say, people who don't even have shortcomings can't be trusted. On the wine table, Chinese men often ridicule those "quit smoking men" like this: "if you can quit smoking, what bad things can't you do?" Some even joked that employers should set up a new rule: those who can quit smoking will not be promoted. Although these are all jokes, we can see the position of cigarettes in Chinese people's mind. Men who smoke have many advantages and deserve our respect. Men who smoke value love Chinese people are restrained by nature, and the social function of cigarettes can really let the restrained Chinese reveal their true feelings. Smoking is almost the most convenient and direct social means for Chinese people. Men are as alert as hunters, but as soon as they smoke, they gradually identify each other as the same species, and then they can conspire to divide up the prey.For example, if someone else does you a small favor, it will not be enough to give you a reward. At this time, it is most appropriate to hand in a cigarette and say thank you. Another example is that a friend brings his friend out to play together. If he is embarrassed at this time, he can quickly pull a cigarette into the distance. Men who smoke are smart people judge others from small details, such as a tie, a pair of socks, or a pen. Smoking men enjoy the taste of cigarettes, while thinking in the mind, is a very smart person. For example, Einstein, the great inventor, is a loyal tobacco lover. When he works, he likes to fill several pipes with cut tobacco, put a row in front of him, and then use it at any time. Einstein discovered the theory of relativity which promoted human civilization in the smoke and wrote "E = MC2", which shocked the world. In 1950, when Einstein was admitted as a lifelong member of a pipe club in Montreal, he told people, "I believe that smoking with a pipe can give us some kind of calm and objective judgment on the affairs of the world."