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Why do Japanese like smoking but live a long life?

When it comes to cigarettes, we all know that cigarettes are harmful to our health, but due to the environment in which we grow up, or too much stress, irritability and many other factors, we may accidentally catch up with the bad habit of smoking. Once you're addicted to smoking, it's hard to get rid of it. Many smokers know that smoking is harmful to their health, but they can't quit smoking. In addition, various popular science health articles also said that smoking can affect life expectancy, which is puzzling. However, some people are still confused about whether smoking affects life expectancy. For example, in a famous longevity country like Japan, many people smoke, but why do they live a long life? The reason is that their way of smoking is different from that of Chinese smokers. This may be why Japanese smoke for a long time. Old smokers might as well learn. Why do Japanese people like smoking very much, but they live longer than Chinese smokers? Japanese authorities intervene in smoking behavior All people who have been to Japan know that Japanese are very polite to others and they have to bow when they see them. In many parts of Japan, it is difficult to see people smoking in the street, because many places in Japan have no smoking areas, smoking in no smoking areas is punishable. Because smoke itself is toxic, in order to avoid other people smoking second-hand smoke because of themselves, most people choose to smoke alone. It has even been suggested that in Japan, smoking on the subway needs 45 minutes in advance to avoid affecting others. Japanese stores strictly ban the sale of cigarettes to minors, which also protects the health of minors and prevents early addiction.