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the reason for smoking cigarettes

Smokers understand what it feels like to smoke. Many people say that it can be used to excite people. As a smoker with years of experience, I would like to turn to the question of whether non-smokers can understand one or two? It's a feeling of calm. When there's no smoke on your body, you'll be a little restless, and you'll feel a little flustered about something. When you smoke a little, you'll be calm and safe. When chatting and writing with people, I unconsciously smoke more. When the cigarette is gone, I feel that I can't talk and write. If I come to a box of cigarettes, I will be stable. Therefore, smoking is a habitual psychological and physiological dependence, just like when you go out of the house, you will habitually touch your bag to see if you have the key with you. Before you go to bed, you should read a newspaper or a book, or you will feel lost. As for the taste, I can't say. Can you tell me what the taste of rice and steamed bread is? You know it when you eat it in your mouth, but you can't say it. Or, is smoking good? Wonderful! It's not wonderful. It's wonderful. Though it's not wonderful, it's hard to quit. If you tell people that if you give up, you will stop smoking tomorrow, and you will feel a little afraid that you can't do it.When you inhale the smoke into your lungs and exhale, your head will be dizzy, your scalp will be numb, you will feel a little floating, and you will be a little dizzy when answering questions. I couldn't sleep at night. I had nothing to do, so I got up and smoked 2 cigarettes. In recent weeks, I've smoked a pack a day. I haven't smoked in 25 years. Recently, because of something, I started to think that I could smoke a cigarette to calm myself. Whenever I pick up a cigarette and start to smoke, the whole person feels steadfast, not anxious or flustered. You can also feel that it is a psychological effect, but it has helped me a lot recently. When people are somewhat helpless, they will pick up cigarettes. When I am sometimes depressed, boring, lonely, lonely, smoking a cigarette, can let me find the feeling of my own existence. You see, it's nothing special. It's just to satisfy yourself by borrowing cigarettes I was born in 1988 and have been smoking since 2006. The average amount of two packs per week. Stick to it till now. By the way, today is my fourth day of quitting smoking. My last cigarette was 84 hours ago. I firmly believe that men's persistence in cigarette brand is just like women's persistence in emotion. But these days, there are too many women who are fickle, and men sometimes don't care about the brand of cigarettes, but they always fit one or two. I started with general Bai. I have been smoking for about two years. I think the smoke is too strong. I should go more gently. Then I began to test new brands. Baisha, Hongqiqu, Honghe, Hongshuangxi, Hongtashan, Zhongnanhai, etc., are cigarettes that I am a student or limited to less than 10 yuan. Then, under the influence of a cousin who had a great influence on me, I began to draw Red River. From 2008 to 12 years, I insisted on drawing red river without exception. In the past 12 years, when I was under a lot of pressure, I felt that I needed a little more strength in my life. I began to come back and draw general Bai. Until the tail of 13 years.