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The advantages and disadvantages of smoking

Smoking, for smokers friends, is a can't stop addiction. I think the benefits of smoking are mainly the function of communication. When you meet someone, you can pass a cigarette to get close to you. Cigarettes can be used as a stepping stone to communicate with strangers. If the other party picks up a cigarette, he can talk further. If the other party refuses to give up smoking, he will have contact. After a little pause, he can also find other topics to talk about. Smoking is a hobby of smokers, the main reason is that smoking can make people addicted. The person who can't smoke, smoke into the mouth, spit it out, if inhaled in the nose and abdomen, it is really suffering, bitter and choking, tears will stimulate out. However, for smokers, they are numb and don't feel bitter any more. When their bodies are stimulated, they will secrete a substance similar to morphine peptide. After careful experience, smokers' body and mind will enter into a state of nothingness with the smoke. They will relax in a moment, which may be a kind of enjoyment. A cigarette after a meal is better than a living immortal Non smokers can't remember any other benefits. 1. Smoking relieves boredom. It is not easy for many comrades to get nervous, and it is difficult to have active EEG to maintain a series of activities such as memory and thinking. If they feel that the brain is dim, they need smoke to stimulate brain cells, so as to activate part of brain tissue, thus completing the continuation of activities and relieving boredom, they have already continued to work, study and live. The radiation from smoking is enough to give those boring people strong biological psychological stimulation to complete the turning point of their life, and may also see the turning point of life. 2. Smoking increases inspiration. How many famous people at all times and in all over the world do not smoke. Seriously, no smoking will kill them. It's their name. Smoking, to bring them unparalleled creativity and thinking, very people can understand and access. Especially in some film and television works, the leading figures, such as Lao Mao, are poetic because of smoke, or they can make strategies to win thousands of miles. For ordinary people, smoking can improve their understanding of some problems, and obtain the ability and vitality to solve the problems in real life. 3. Smoking shows your dignity and elegance. Especially for some rich people and some poor people who like to show off, smoking has rich ideological and social implications. According to many years of observation on the "Tong Tian Jian day", this kind of super boring view is quite popular in some primary and middle school students. Between swallowing and spitting, in the smoke filled places, men are more gentlemanly, and women are more charming, which makes people associate with Pianpian, and even cherish the fragrance and jade.