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Tell the "Chinese story" of tobacco

With the national feelings of tobacco and China's development in mind, it is necessary to gather more money for the country and strive for more financial and tax contributions in the "telling a good Chinese story". Under the guidance of carrying forward the socialist core values and the common values of the "two supremacies" industry, all the tobacco people should cherish the needs of China, the people and the economic development, and strive to make great efforts in inheritance and innovation. In recent years, although the economic situation has been sluggish, but the "cold winter" of tobacco people seems to have come a little earlier, many people have such intuitive feelings. It is in such a big adverse environment that tobacco still exerts its subjective initiative, takes the initiative to attack, and does not depend on it. It has successfully completed the "big consideration" of the economic development goal given by the state and handed over a satisfactory answer to the country and the people of the country. The courage of giving up one's own is not only the contribution, but also the responsibility and responsibility embodied. The "attribute of state-owned enterprise" and social responsibility and responsibility in the critical period have not affected the two glittering gold words of tobacco.In tobacco, say tobacco, Dao tobacco. When we tobacco and tobacco people tell the Chinese story well, we must not ignore our own "tobacco" attribute and nature. Otherwise, there will be no such thing as empty preaching story telling without its own characteristics and characteristics, and the audience will feel sleepy and wither like a dream. What kind of "onlookers" and "smoke powder" are there? "Two double trillion" itself is a legend, especially in the current economic development situation, this is not happening in the emotional and noisy street, a look back is a dream, but the "heavy burden" of tobacco people with shoulder and responsibility. It is not intentional interaction between our intentions and China's good behavior. The honor of tobacco is higher than everything else, which is the realization of blood interaction in the continuation of the story of China and tobacco. The Chinese story and the tobacco story should be combined and organized. When telling the story, we should combine the tobacco's own reality, give full play to the subjective initiative, and take the consumers and the country as the root. There is no need to say more about such stories and the flavor of tobacco.