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"Smoking woman" in men's eyes

My two cousins can smoke, they smoke with the grace of old Shanghai women. I remember that when Maggie Cheung imitated Ruan Lingyu in the movie when she lit, smoked and smoked, she gave me the impression that she felt very much about smoking. In my opinion, long and thin women's cigarettes, lit and placed between the fingers, can immediately immerse people into a light sad atmosphere. Cigarettes are their props staying in the hands. The smoke separates the outer space and leaves a little space for self enjoyment. I'm not against women smoking, but I'm against women smoking addiction. My cousin used to rely on a pack of cigarettes every day because she was abandoned by her boyfriend. The dose was too frightening. We tried to stop her from smoking less. Don't take cigarettes too seriously. It's just a thing. It's just a prop. The stage of life needs props to decorate, but it can't be used as the leading role. Maybe because of the family education, I don't like cigarettes at all. I will stay away from men when they smoke. Women hold a cigarette in their hands, so I have no interest in approaching her. For men, you can not like smoking, but sometimes you have to learn to smoke, because men to socialize, to smoke and alcohol. A lot of people became smoke guns. Women are different. No one will force women to smoke. Why do they pick up cigarettes that have been discarded by many men? What I know, one to look "tasteful" and one to ease loneliness. It is said that some women smoke for the sake of "equality between men and women". Isn't it in comparison with men's probability of getting sick? This reason is not tenable. Men can be considerate of smoking, women smoking seems to have no excuse. Women, after all, bear different social roles from men. They have the responsibility of having children. When no one forces you to do harm to your own body, just like Lin Yilian sang, keep the "unique innocence" of women. In people's eyes, men who smoke give people a natural and natural feeling, while women who smoke make people feel a little strange and different. In fact, every woman who likes smoking has her worries and stories. When she has some kind of sadness or unhappiness in her heart, she prefers to use cigarettes to calm her mood. When she is upset and bored, she always hopes that all her unhappiness will disappear with the smoke.. In fact, decadence is also a kind of beauty. A kind of indulgent beauty. It's like anesthesia in alcohol is the same thing. Midnight, a lonely woman, in a dark room, waiting for a man who will not turn around, one by one, burning the cigarettes in her hands. When she lights up the cigarettes, she also ignites her own life, and lights up the remaining feelings in her heart. Smoke is on fire, life is on fire. The smoke is getting shorter and more ethereal. It is gradually precipitated by time. The bright and dark light is just the memory of love in my heart. That little fire lights up the night and lights up my heart. A brief dizziness becomes an eternal hope. Most of the women who pick up cigarettes for the first time are not willing, but a kind of mood that makes them fall in love with the feeling of cigarette company, so that they can extricate themselves, relax themselves, let themselves fly, let themselves vent, let themselves find a way to fall into happiness. Smoking gives people the feeling of decadence, but sometimes it is decadent and beautiful. However, no one knows what kind of injury, pain, missing and tolerance are hidden behind the decadent beauty. When the smoke circle rises and passes away, sorrow also becomes illusory. Smoking women, very lonely, very beautiful, but also very helpless