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All kinds of electronic cigarettes from pipe to new dynasty

The first people to use pipes in the world were Native Americans. Archaeological sites in Aztec and Maya suggest that Americans believe that smoke from burning leaves can communicate with gods. So he invented the pipe as a sacrificial tool and held by the priest, and smoking the smoke from burning was a part of the sacrifice. In selecting the leaves of various plants, they found that inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco can lead to a slow, unconscious state of anesthesia until unconsciousness (i.e. nicotine poisoning). However, this state was regarded as "communicating with God". Soon, with the "function of communicating with God" and strong addiction, the behavior of smoking tobacco with a pipe spread to all parts of the American continent, and gradually evolved into a universal life culture from the sacrificial function. The historical span of this period is from 3000 B.C. to 1400's. During this period, the development of smoking is very slow, only a part of the cultural life of the local aborigines. However, in the following six hundred years, this plant has brought huge economic benefits and numerous social problems to human beings all over the world, and the turning point of all this is in the 15th century. With the prosperity of European Renaissance and the vigorous growth of capitalism, capitalists in order to open up overseas markets have organized a fleet of sailing ships to look for the Oriental world described by Marco Polo as "full of gold and rich in spices". Among many explorers, Columbus believed that he could reach the east by sailing westward, but he came to America by mistake. Obviously, there was no gold as he expected. Instead, he was stunned by the sight of the Indians puffing and puffing on the shore. One of his sailors, Jerez, was driven by curiosity and boldly tried smoking, becoming the first smoker in Europe. When he left here disappointed, he never thought that the tobacco seeds given to him by the Indians would actually bring the "golden leaves" of gold to his country in the future. The moment he returned to Spain, tobacco officially entered the civilized world. At first, jeriz's new habit also caused a panic. Religious people believed that the stench of smoking was the smell of evil. Soon, he was imprisoned in the dungeon for "practicing sorcery". Even so, the habit of smoking spread like a plague, making Spain the first country in Europe to grow tobacco. Soon, capitalists and the royal family noticed that tobacco would bring them huge profits. As a result, tobacco spread to various colonies along with the "invincible fleet". Among them, tobacco which spread to Luzon officially entered the Ming Dynasty in 1575.